Chariot Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that uses immersive tech to reduce pain, fear, and the need for anesthesia in children receiving medical care all around the world, ranging from world-class hospitals to low-resource healthcare settings where anesthesia is limited.

Chariot Kids accelerates worldwide distribution of immersive tech hardware and software that are scientifically shown to improve pediatric patient experiences. Our team of physicians helps initiate clinical immersive technology programs in hospitals throughout the world (so far, over 20!). Our work is especially important in low-resource healthcare settings where anesthesia and/or anesthesiologists are scarce, since immersive tech decreases the need for anesthesia and narcotic use.

In addition to technology distribution, we provide education and implementation support for healthcare professionals, as well as medical and technical advice to partner institutions. We also established the Chariot Kids Consortium, an international consortium for immersive tech clinical research and clinical care. Consortium affiliates share data, ideas, and clinical expertise to accelerate discovery around the world. The Consortium fosters exchange of open-source software created by groups across the world.

Chariot Kids was founded by the leaders of the Stanford Chariot Program. Chariot Kids is an independent organization and is not part of any university or hospital.



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